Collab with Charlotte Mynt

So I tried to be consistent with my blog posts by posting one every Monday, but here I am, it’s Wednesday, and I’m just writing up a weekly post…  Life’s a mess.

In other news, a couple weeks ago, I did this super awesome collab with Charlotte Mynt and I wanted to share my favorite photos from the shoot I did at Edwards Greenhouse for them.

If you’re not familiar with Charlotte Mynt, they sell super cute and modest clothes perfect when you’re looking for something classy, yet comfortable. I mean their dresses have pockets so life could not get better than that! They just released their fall line and with that comes all the floral tops, cozy cardigans, maxi long-sleeve dresses your heart desires.

Here are some of my favorite looks and photos.



It got dark out pretty quick this night, but we managed to still work with the light we had and get some pretty great photos out of it. Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed editing them! Happy Wednesday everyone.

Cheers, Bren

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