Beauty Products I’m Loving

It’s really hard nowadays to find products we actually like. With so many social media influencers being paid to say they love a certain beauty product, it can be very misleading to find honest reviews on skin care treatment and finding products that work best for so many different skin types.

Recently, my skin has been healthier than ever & in a dry Idaho winter, healthy, moisturized skin is a blessing. My journey to treating my skin better all started with the rosewater facial spray from the Mario Badescu skincare line & I fell in love with having constantly clean skin. I have a few products by Mario Badescu now & I’m itching to buy more for more nighttime skin care, but currently my routine with this brand consists of using their acne facial cleanser at night after I wash off my makeup, then taking the drying lotion & a q-tip & dipping it on any tough pimples that don’t want to disappear.

Contrary to the name, the drying lotion is not a lotion, but more of a product to dry & help eliminate those pesky red pimples. The acne facial cleanser does an amazing job to really clear my pores of makeup I might have missed so I can go to bed with a clean face. On nights I don’t use the drying lotion, I usually put coconut oil on my face because it gets so dry in the winter.

As for the rosewater facial spray, I spray that all over my face once I’ve finished my makeup in the morning to help set it for the day.

I buy my Mario Badescu products from Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters.

As for makeup, I have a few products I’m obsessing over right now. First is Whish nourishing dew mask that I use as a primer for my makeup. It smells amazing & it goes on my skin beautifully. It’s a pricey product but you can find a few great discount codes out there for it. This product is so worth it because it helps hydrate my skin before applying a bunch of makeup.

Next is the Glossier Generation G sheer matte lipstick in the color “like.” I love this lip tint because it works like a chapstick but it gives my lips a little more pigmented color & a beautiful matte finish. I wear it all day every day, it’s a great lipstick for day & night. Before I apply the lipstick, I usually just apply a layer of chapstick under for additional moisture during winter time. (I’ve been meaning to buy more products from Glossier because I’ve only heard amazing things & I hear their skincare line is fantastic.)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The last product I’ve been loving is the Milk Makeup Mini Holographic Stick in the color “Supernova.” I also bought this product from Urban Outfitters on a whim & love it. It works as a highlighter/ eyeshadow combined & that is exactly what I use it for on days I want that “dewey” look… which is most. It works great as a highlighter to give my skin some additional brightness. The product itself is a small size & it does come with a bigger option, but I’ve found the mini size has lasted me a substantially long time for how small it is.

*my opinion on these products is 100% my own and I was not sponsored for using any of these products. I really do use all these products every day!*

I’d love to hear what beauty products you’re currently loving! Or if you’ve tried any of these products before, let me know your thoughts below! Thanks for reading!

Cheers ~

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