10 Spring Fashion Trends Found at the Thrift Store

Whether you paid attention to New York Fashion Week this year or not, you have probably come across some outfits you want to restyle into your own style and some you would rather not. While celebrities like to take looks straight off the runaway… i.e. Rihanna everywhere she goes (but let’s admit, she rocks every obscure outfit), the majority of us would never wear these pieces in real life and most of us have a smaller budget.

One of the goals I have set out for myself in 2019 is to buy more items second-hand. I find purchasing second-hand can be a bit more challenging to find something exactly like you saw on Pinterest or in a magazine, but it gives you more opportunity to wear something unique to your style while still leaving room for the seasonal trends. I have created a list of items I have seen/ predicted as Spring 2019 trends, in which I have also seen in thrift stores or vintage shops online.

  1.  Elle Magazine claims lavender, pink, and red are going to be some of Spring’s most wearable colors. Pink and red are what we will see paired together on models and influencers, but if you are looking for a more subtle approach, try one or the other first. I found this skirt at a Goodwill and it has a delicate floral pattern. It pairs well with this chunky black sweater, a graphic tee or if you’re feeling adventurous, a pink crop top?

2. Animal Print

We’ve all seen it everywhere recently and cannot get enough of it. Snake print shoes, leopard print coats; the possibilities are endless. We cannot avoid this trend, but the best part about it is it won’t break the bank if you want to dip your feet in. You can find animal print tops, pants or shoes quite easily while browsing your favorite thrift store. I found both of these tops at a couple of different stores and I’ve been wearing them both obsessively ever since.

3. Denim on Denim

Ah, the Canadian tuxedo. I might not consider this a trend because it seems like denim on denim will never go out of style, but I think we will see it a bit more this Spring. Denim jackets paired with denim skirts. Mixing and matching the tones and styles will create a more chic look instead of looking like more like a farmer. I found this medium wash denim jacket on Depop and found these vintage Levis at my local thrift store. They surprisingly work well together for someone who is terrified of the matchy-matchy denim look. Try styling a look like this with some heeled booties to give it more of an edgy vibe.

4. Two Piece Suits – Mix ‘n match with tones, patterns, textures

Though I don’t have an exact match coat and trouser suit, I do have a nice houndstooth jacket that pairs well with some of my favorite vintage Gap trousers. I like mixing up the textures and patterns like going for a tweed blazer and a classic tan pant like the two images below. Browsing my favorite thrift stores, I have seen a lot of matching suit sets being sold together as well.

5. Square Neck Lines

I have found countless tops with square necklines at thrift stores and vintage stores alike. If you’re the person to do most of your shopping online (like I am a majority of the time), try browsing Depop, ThredUp, Poshmark or even some vintage shops on Instagram for cute square neck tops like this one from Reformation. Reformation is also a sustainably run, high-end clothing brand definitely worth checking out.

Puffed sleeves are also a trend we will be seeing this year but don’t get it confused with padded sleeves. Tops like the one below are super in for Spring and add a dainty detail to a top.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.13.38 PM
Image from: Reformation website

6. Neutral Tones

Different shades of neutral tones paired together are something we’ve been seeing since Fall. Khaki/ camel colors will be styled for vintage tailored shorts, button up tops, and light jackets. This is something that also goes with just about anything. Pair with more neutral tones or add a bit of color for flare, neutral tones will continue to show itself in Spring fashion. Check out an additional photo here on my Instagram.

7. Black and white polka dot tops

Black and white polka dots are a staple piece for most closets so don’t give away that top just yet! If you are sick of your old polka dot top, try styling it a bit differently to fall in love with it all over again. I have seen tons of polka dot tops and dresses at just about every thrift store I frequent so if you do not currently own one, try shopping checking out the women’s tops section. Since it has been a trend for so long, it is a bit easier to find this pattern around. Check out an additional photo here on my Instagram.

8. Chunky White Sneakers (basically your dad’s shoes)

For the past year, you’ve seen the trend on your Instagram feed from fashion bloggers or celebrities. Chunky white “dad shoes” paired with a midi dress, trouser pants, denim or biker shorts. Everyone seems to think this trend will come and go before we even notice, but it has seemed to continue to last longer than anyone thought. While you might still be apprehensive about the trend but still want to try out the look for yourself, instead of investing in a pair of $90 Adidas, try browsing your thrift stores shoe section for some white tennies. I have found a number of New Balance, Reebok, Nikes, and Adidas dad sneakers at my local thrift store that I’ve washed and cleaned up to look like a brand new pair of kicks. It’s a great $5- $10 purchase and still allows you to try out this trend while it’s still hot. Pictured below, I am wearing some white Nike Air’s I cleaned up and paid $2.00 for.

10. Tailored, sensible shorts

Honestly, I’ve seen this since last Spring/ Summer and I wish I started wearing these shorts sooner! I only just discovered how absolutely comfortable these shorts are but still so stylish. I love pairing my navy tailored shorts I bought on Depop with a brown belt and a white button up, but there are hundreds of ways to style these cute shorts.

10. Crochet, wicker, woven, straw, you name it and the thrift store has it

Seriously, there is no shortage of any of these items at a thrift store. I found this amazing crochet clutch at a Goodwill a couple of years ago and I use it all Spring and Summer. I have a feeling this trend won’t be going anywhere soon as I have already seen woven basket purses in just about every retail store.


Let me know what you think about these top ten trends and how you’re styling them! Follow me on Instagram for more ways I am styling Spring trends on a thrifty budget!

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