Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

How I Brought Confidence Back to My Smile

So here’s the thing, the key to a perfect Insta-worthy selfie is having a confident smile. Just a few months ago, I was less than satisfied with my smile because I was insecure about my coffee and wine-stained teeth. For someone who enjoys coffee to function in the morning and then a glass of wine to wind down for the day, I needed to find a great teeth whitening product that not only vanished my stained teeth but also wasn’t inconvenient to my freelance work schedule.

Then came Smile Brilliant. My new favorite whitening pal for convenience, comfort, and fantastic results people will actually notice. I recently collaborated with Smile Brilliant to find the confidence to show my teeth in photos again. Smile Brilliant did gift me this package, however, all teeth whitening opinions are my own.

A busy lady needs a whitener that fits into her schedule

To get a better understanding of why I love Smile Brilliant so much, I think it’s important to know what my daily schedule looks like and how the whitening process fits very conveniently into it. As a freelance digital marketer, my work schedule is very irregular as some days, I could work from 9 am to 9 pm. And with drinking two to three coffees a day, my teeth were begging for some TLC. When it comes to whitening products, I look for something unnoticeable, low sensitivity, and focuses on ridding my teeth of stains.

How Smile Brilliant is so user-friendly

IMG_1332In the initial process of receiving your Smile Brilliant care package, you create your own customizable trays, which is amazing in itself to have a whitening product that will design custom trays for your mouth! I was really stoked about this.

The whitening process is user-friendly and comparable to using whitening strips (minus the extreme sensitivity). It is recommended to start out for the minimum suggested time of 45 minutes and slowly worked up to a total of 3 hours of whitening a day, followed up with the desensitizing gel (which is an absolute game-changer for people with sensitive teeth).

The trays are extremely convenient for me as I just insert them in the evening when I start to decompress from my day and begin my self-care routine. I grab my eye mask, login to Netflix, place the trays in and binge Stranger Things. For me, I whitened on-and-off, about 3 times a week for 4 weeks. I found that this process never gave my teeth any extreme sensitivity and worked best for my schedule.

As an avid coffee and wine drinker, my teeth needed a little extra love to remove the stains and Smile Brilliant has done just that.

Here is my before and after, after which I had only been using Smile Brilliant for three weeks!

Final thoughts

I deeply enjoyed the whitening process with this brand and would honestly recommend Smile Brilliant to all my friends and family. Here’s why:

1. Convenience. The customized trays fit perfectly on your teeth. Once you insert the whitening gel into the trays and place them on your teeth, you can go about your day as normal without and movement of the trays of discomfort.

2. Sensitivity. Listen, I used to be an avid Crest White Strips user. I was a big fan of the usability, but in the end, it was 100% not worth the horrible tooth sensitivity I received. Not only that, but the whitening was inconsistent and the strips always fell off my teeth after a few minutes. Smile Brilliant provides desensitizing gel which saved my poor, fragile teeth. It works wonders to put the gel on after a whitening session and jump for joy that there is no pain following the whitening.

3. Results. Duh! I seriously saw great results from this product primarily because it focuses on ridding the yucky stains on my teeth and bringing back the natural whiter color.

I am more confident about showing off a smile full of teeth on Instagram and in person! I find myself smiling more at strangers and being less self-conscious about hiding my laugh wi my hands.

On behalf of myself & Smile Brilliant, they are hosting a giveaway! To enter for a chance to win the whole Smile Brilliant kit I used, click the link here! You can also enjoy 15% off storewide when you use the code “brennamurray15” at check out.

Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this posting. All opinions are 100% my own. Be sure to follow Brenna on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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