…Current Projects…

Ulivo Design is currently working with a number of small businesses tackling product photography, brand influencing, graphic design, and blog writing. Each finished projects will be included below.

Product Photography for Charlotte Mynt

Ulivo Design recently administered a product photography shoot for Charlotte Mynt’s fall line launch. The photos were taken at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise, ID and the photos can be found here in a blog post written about the shoot.

Blog Posting for Willow & Brooke Boutique

Ulivo Design worked with Willow & Brooke Boutique to write the blog posting for their online boutique, including fall product launch. what products to pair with what, etc.

…Past Projects…

New York Minute Magazine

During my time at New York Minute Magazine, I learned quickly the fast-paced world of New York and how that directly applies to social media marketing. My role at NYMM was to handle their Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest accounts while posting content that was relatable to our variety of followers. Running the Instagram account was a bit more strenuous in that I needed to find photographers to send me New York related photos, post my own photos, create my own graphics and photo filters while coming up with creative captions and relevant hashtags. Through this, I was able to contribute to a 200 follower increase on the Instagram platform in just a few months.

Boise State Athletic Department

Working for Boise State’s athletic department gave me the spark to chase after Marketing and Graphic Design. Throughout my two years working for them, I worked with a team of awesome individuals to administer our classroom knowledge into real-life, fast-paced experiences of Sports Marketing. My role was to help create content for the Instagram page during game days, create graphics for mass email marketing to students, make sporting event schedules, find music to play during games, and in-game marketing including making sure sponsorship advertising ran smoothly.

Boise State Student Media

As a graphic designer for my University’s student media, I created both print and online graphics for the newspaper, website, radio station, and sponsors. This was an awesome experience for me both professionally and personally. I really found my passion for design in this job and I also met my super cool fiance while working there *hee hee*.

Marketing and Small Business/ Entrepreneurship at Aberystwyth University, Wales

I studied abroad in Aberystwyth, (Aa-burr-ist-with) Wales which was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to learn about Marketing and Entrepreneurship from a UK perspective and how business works internationally. I met a great group of ladies while I was there as well and we often took weekend trips around Europe to experience different cultures.